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  • Support the band Direct

About us

All the members are Scotsmen from Edinburgh. Although never achieving any great success the band remains an underground stalwart. Always true to our music and fans as "nothing else matters" \m/.

The band continues to innovate, absorbing energies from many different Metal styles; this band pushes the boundaries of the Heavy Metal genre whilst simultaneously representing the purest and most authentic manifestation of it.

No album is the same and the band will continue to explore and push the boundaries within metal and with true recognition for their ability to come up with real songs . Stay true to the band and we will continue to create.

Want to find out more - follow the webpage link in the shop or click this link - www.holocausttheband.com

We are solely committed to our fans worldwide and welcome any new ones

John, Scott, and Mark cannot believe the love and admiration shown to the band and it is now they realise, that all those years feeling unappreciated by the Music Industry was all false. The people who really matter are the Fans who still really care and love the band.

Holocaust live

Having honed their live act all over Europe to Canada and still with strong roots and a real connection to the underground scene. The power of the live performances is awe-inspiring to the point of being overwhelming.

Visit our web page - www.holocausttheband.com for Booking information and booking the band

Online Shop

Official Merchandise from the NWOBHM legends Holocaust's official e-shop. Heavy Metal pioneers who have inspired/ covered by bands such as Metallica, Gamma Ray and Six feet under. John Mortimer, Scott Wallace & Mark McGrath continue to inspire and create with new Album Elder Gods - Available now.

We stock most of the items in the shop.

Note: Back catalogue recordings are not owned by the John and are not available here.


Where to find us

We Come from Scotland, near Edinburgh

You can contact us:

Merchandise - (merchandise@holocaustthebandofficialshop.com)

Enquiries - (holocausttheband@gmail.com)

Facebook - (holometal)

Web-page - (holocaustthebandofficial.com)